The Anti-Matter Burst weapon was the predecessor to the Anti-Matter Bombs and Anti-Matter Missiles. The Anti-Matter Burst produces a relatively weak explosion compared to its later counterparts. The icon is an anti-matter symbol on a explosion. The weapon deals out 500 damage to the surrounding ships or buildings.


The technology is used by the The Ixlarien Collective, The Proetarien Empire and The Consien Kritocracy. However the Consien Kritocracy long ago learnt of the destructive nature of the Anti-Matter used in the explosion and it's effects on the surrounding space. They have since taken steps to ensure that the use of these weapons is at a minimum.

The Alren Cluster was plagued by the use of these weapons during the early parts of the war between the two dominant civilizations of the Cluster, however the use of them has caused massive destruction to the Alren Cluster and was one of the reasons that the Ixlarien Collective invaded The Roargana Cluster.