Azquizare Aloi Edit

To see the people, see Asquazari or Fedesaurio A, or the language, see Azquizari (Language)


Physical Edit

Azquizare Aloi is the second planet of Alleleo System, or the third, depending of the strange orbit of another live planet in the same system. It has a moon (Itunz), and a T-3 Terra-Score. It is the capital of the Fedesaurio A empire, and so on, it is called "The Fedesaurio A`s Coruscant" or "The jewel in the Fedesaurian crown". It has an acidic or waterlike sea, depending on the season, and it has a smaller history than Earth`s (about 5000.000.000 years). It has 9 cities out of 10 surviving, because of a Grox attack.

History Edit

Azquizare Aloi was a desolate planet, until a small asteroid fell onto its sea. From there, millions of cells emerged, but there was a new cell that was destined to govern, the Fedesaurio A. It was omnivore, but with not Prosboscis, and was killed several times, by his that time`s "bullys". Finnaly, the cell got brain, and turned a creature. The Fedesaurio A got a lot of weaponry, and a birdlike beak. Finnaly, they evolved a large brain.

The tribal stage was a diligent tribe, and the civilization an echonomic one. Finnaly, they evolved to space. Lots of things happened, but no Aziquarzian wanted the Imperator-Type 1 spaceship to be damaged, and so, they got the spaceship to go outside the Confederation very seldomly. They lost Balotierra city in a Grox-Marinox attack. The Aziquarzi an started moving to the less polluted and more protected T-3 moon of Itunz, and created 3 cities: Daligar, Varil and Federitunz. When the Uber-Turret was placed back on Azquizare, most of the ex-Azquizari moved back to Azquizare, and Azquizare re-won the title of "Coruscant". Then came a golden age, where we are.

Ages Edit

Prezoicus= No life, it was a barren, red T-3 planet.

Cellolomonozoicus= Where there were just cells and seaweed- Cell

Primitivus Creaturozoicus= first creatures, the Purple Fedesaurio A existed.

Medium Creaturozoicus= Medium-Brained life.

Superior Creatuxotius (Mezozoicus)= Brained life

Tribum Livuzoicus= First tribes, about 1.000.000 years

Civilizatium Livuzoicus= Civilizations

Spacium= Space, colonization, BANANAS!