The Books of Trial are followed by Judge empires.

Books Edit

Book I Edit

"Guilt overcomes the criminal, but it will be too late to ask for a pardon. If you do the crime, be prepared to do the time."

Book II Edit

"A proper consenus decides important matters. If this consensus is corrupted, the innocent will suffer from the opinions of the jury."

Book III Edit

"The Galaxy requires order and justice. Without it, peace and civility will crumble into dust."

Book IV Edit

"If one is accused, he does not face punishment until found guilty. If one takes a cruel action againt the accused during the trial, he will be arrested or shot down if necessary"

Book V Edit

"The death sentence must not be used for a minor crime, such as robbing spice, physical assualt not resulting in death, or anything else not important. If one takes a life however, this sentence will be thrust upon them."

Book VI Edit

"The judge must make the final descion. If the accused is found guilty or inoccent, the Judge will consult the prosecutor, or let the accused go."

Book VII Edit

"The galactic code is for the better of every being in the galaxy. Ones who desire to break it do not respect order in the spore galaxy."

Book VIII Edit

"Arguing in the court does not settle anything, as two wrongs don't make a right."

Book IX Edit

"The truth is the truth. You are guilty or innocent. Reality lays in front of you. This is the ninth book, see that the truth. Try and deny that. Hmm...don't think so."

Book X Edit

"The grox admire the breaking of the galactic code, so they are unatural beings."