"Creators believe everything is artificial and can be created. The Galaxy must be expanded if possible."

Creators are happy when you first meet them, having a +50 relationship bonus. Creators have a Monarchy as a government, as they say on the erradication missions, and speak with a small blocky voice, sounding high in the Alto range. Creators often rebuild world's that were destroyed by Warlords.

Creator Unique PowerEdit

The Creator acquires the Star Founder unique ability. Star Founder can be used to create new planets around a star (max. 5 total orbiting). You also can name the planets that you just created. It takes 45 minutes to Cooldown.

Gaining The Creator ArchetypeEdit

To become a Creator, you must have gotten all Blue cards and haven a Diplomatic takeover in the Civilization stage.

Through MissionEdit

First you must ally with an empire following this philosophy with a strength factor of 4 or 5, then you may request to become 'like' them from the mission interface. After paying §10,000,000, the mission given is to Terraform 100 colonies to T-2 and place 200 buildings on them (in all). Upon completion return to claim your reward and you will change your philosophy and associated archetype, losing your old superpower and gaining the Creator's Star Founder power.

Creator's PhilosophyEdit

"We, the Creator Empire follow the Philosophy of Creation. We make lots of planets so we can enjoy our spice. Yes, White, too. Anyway, we also hate those Warmongers, Warlords, so we rebuild the planets they destroy.

Also, we own the Star Founder colony which is the our unique tool, that lets us create planets. It's awesome.

Trivia Edit

1. Creators have +50 relationship bonus, but when talking to Warlords, it's quite the opposite, worst than the Grox relationship bonus, being -100

2. Creators are younguer than Warlords, because Creators were born being an extremist branch of the Scholars, who wanted to be an anthithesis of Warlords.

3. Creators hate to be insulted, and get -20 instead of -10 if you choose the 3rd presentation option

4.There's a strange glitch when you get a special bug, in which the Creators are heard to say something like: I-L-I-K-E-B-A-N-A-N-A-S-V-E-R-Y-M-U-C-H-!, in the main comunications screen.

5.Creators, surprisingly, sell the Planet Buster at 100.000 sporebucks, maybe because they love building planets

6.Creators will get -300 if you use the planet buster in a 20.0 parcecs distance, especially if it is a built world (you can see because a rocky planet may have White Spice, or the planet name can have a crown beside the name)


Creators speak with a blocky, squeaky and slightly high pitched voice. Their pitch is high in the Alto range. Also, it is male, and sounds with a Uzbek accent. Some people say that when they sing, their voices are like heaven's singers, but their music is poisonous for the Warlords, and can make them sleepy in a 4-parcecs range.

Special Adventure Edit

The Creator's Special Adventure is Star Saver, in which you need to kill Emperor Magyraxi III, which was secretly helping the Grix, a strange, powerful Warlord empire, before they activate the powerful System Incinerator and burn Planet Spide, the gate to the Otherworld. Without the gate, half of the universe would explode!