The Eternal Gift is the unique ability of the Giver Philosophy. It allows an automatic alliance or stopping of war, but the alliance is only temporary.

Ingame SummaryEdit


Actual EffectEdit

Summons a small probe to the ground which will then explode with a green flash. Doves will fly to all cities and play a song to calm them down for 20 minutes, also creating an alliance. The player has 20 minutes to create a true alliance.



This ability is useful when you don't have enough time to make peace, because you have go somewhere to save an ecodisaster, invasion or raid on one your colonies or one of your ally's colonies. It will stop wars if the player is less -220 Relation points down. It doesn't effect the Grox.


Ship Tools Tab: Socialization Tools

Cost: No Cost, Earned by Gaining the Giver Philosophy.

Damage: No damage, temporary +150 relationship

Cooldown: 20 minutes from use

Other Effects: No effect on The Grox, Minus 100 when used on Grox to surrounding empires within 10.00 pc