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Evil Spirits from the Moon is a Dhragolon legend originating from Metkara, a small village in Feurcy. A meteorite from Athen falls down to Ucharpli bringing along with it an anomaly not seen anywhere on the planet - masses of pure energy with rudimentary instinct. Simply, they are called ghasts. Their only instinct is to devour any source of energy they can find in order to remain alive, and this includes individual Dhragolon. How can this small village defend themselves against such a dangerous foe?

Part 1Edit

The green hills of a field near the village of Metkara were dimly lit by the blood red moon. There were hardly any clouds in the sky, but those that were gave off a red hue. The sun had just gone down and the eye of Uszaroth watched over Ucharpli. Two travelling Dhragolon traders were on their way to a cornfield, wishing to exchange some harvest. As they climbed up a steep incline, they looked straight up. What seemed to be a teardrop glided across the sky from the moon. At first, it faintly glowed. Then it began shining brighter and brighter. The two Dhragolon could not take their eyes off of it. Soon enough, it grew so bright, it seemed to be falling towards them. The teardrop turned to a large flaming rock. Quickly, the two Dhragolon took cover behind two nearby bushes and watched the rock crash to the ground, setting the surrounding area into flame.

"What in Kray's name is that?" exclaimed one of the Dhragolon.

"I've not the slightest clue."

"It fell straight from the eye of Uszaroth. Is that his tear?"

Not long after, faint, daunting whispering echoed in the air. What seemed to be glowing mist began to emerge from the flaming rock. The whispering became louder and louder, though it was intelligible. The two of them could almost hear the whispering in their own heads.

One of the Dhragolon hiding in the other bush, curious, peeked his head out. He could not help but watch the otherworldy sight. The other Dhragolon remained too afraid to look.

The mist then drifted towards and began orbiting the curious Dhragolon. He slowly backed away from the bush starting to feel chills down his spine and eventually became paralyzed with fear. Then, the mist let out an ear piercing shriek and quickly surrounded the Dhragolon, vaporizing him into nothingness. The other Dhragolon dashed for his life back to Metkara. The mist did not follow. It remained by the flaming rock, basking in its heat.

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