The Event Horizon of a Black Hole is similiar to a Hyper Space Tunnel.


A Hyper Coil


The Protang Mk2


A Hyper Coil Drill

The Hyper Coil is a tool that generates a Hyper Space Tunnel which can then be flown through in order to travel vast distances. Hyper Coil Technology was used by The Proetarien Empire to reach The Roargana Cluster. The Hyper Coil works by flowing high energy particles through the coils surrounding the UFO.

The Proetarien Hyper Coil is designed to fit on the Protang Mk2.

Hyper Coil DrillEdit

A permanent Hyper Tunnel can be achieved through use of a Hyper Coil Drill, The Tunnel created by the Hyper Coil Drill does not collapse as easily as a normal Hyper Space Tunnel and can be used a permanent means of going between two areas of space.

The Proetarien Empire attempted using a Hyper Coil Drill to create a permanent pathway to The Alren Cluster to send reinforcements to the Roargana Cluster more often, The project was stopped by Captain Roekard.