Mauron, as it was controlled by the Mrox

Mauron is a planet found in the Xurtogg Galaxy. It is most known as the former homeworld of the now extinct Mrox and Nrox species.

History Edit

Planet Mauron was once the capitol of the Almighty Mrox Empire, which expanded over five whole Galaxies. The Mrox had exterminated many races until they were destroyed at the hands of the Grox Empire eight million years ago.

Before Mauron was dominated by the Mrox, it was basically just a regular old planet, which had no life on it whatsoever. Back then, Mauron was a planet that had Green coloured lands, and blue coloured sea and skies, much like Earth. It would stay this way until the Mrox Species unified the planet, and painted their homeworld's Sky, ground, and sea bright red, as a symbol of their dominance.

The very first species that achieved sentience on the planet were the Nrox.

Today Edit

Mauron today is now a popular tourist attraction of the Xurtogg Galaxy. Tourists are showed the remnants of the Mrox Empire's cities, which has been described as 'like looking at a ghost town'

Mauron has also been restored back to its former colours through the use of planet colour technology. So it is now green and blue once more, instead of the Bright Red colour