"Miners are tough and gritty. At the end of the day they simply want to harvest resources, and will stop at nothing to get them."

Miner Unique PowerEdit

Miner Empires acquire the Mining Colony Upgrade. The upgrade can be applied to any colony, and doubles the number of building slots at the expense of all the turret slots.

Gaining the Miner Archetype Edit

Through Evolution Edit

The Miner philosophy is awarded to species that gain three red cards and a blue card, when starting from the Cell stage.

Through Mission Edit

Upon paying a million Sporebuck surcharge, the player is instructed to locate ten purple spice planets and maximise colonies, along with spice storage, on them. Note that the player cannot pay the surcharge and automatically get the archetype if they already have the maxed-out colonies; they need to be constructed after paying the charge.

Miner's Philosophy Edit

"We the Miner Empire follow the Articles of Industry.

"We see that warfare and alliances at the end come to nothing; all we care for is that our children do not live in poverty. As such we have pooled our resources into gaining the materials to build the industry that our descendants will subsist on. Our day is made not by destroying our foes but by uncovering seams of minerals and precious items to export and use to fuel our empire. As such we can use our Mining Colonies to optimise the effort of our workers."

Voice Edit

Miner Empires appear on a background resembling a long cavern fading into darkness. Their voice will sound slightly bored and will have an echo. In the background machinery can be heard.