Prosecution is the unique ability of Judge empires.

Effect Edit

If prosecution is used on an empires planet, all other nearby empires will go to war with the empire you used prosecution on.

Example: A judge uses prosecution on the Bananaz empire. The Ape Empire, Goulgan Empire, Cascod Empire, who are all nearby, declare war on the Bananaz.

If there are no nearby empires within 30 stars, nothing happens.

Cooldown Edit

28 minutes.

Effect on the Grox and Homeworld Edit

Use of prosectution on your homeworld or any of your colonies. is not possible. However, if it does take effect on the Grox, making nearby empires attack them. If used vice-versa, the Grox will attack the target empire. This is one of the few special abilites that can work on the Grox. However, this is likely because the Grox would attack them anyway.