This Article is about the Planet "Roargan". If you were looking for the language, see Roargan (Language).
Image is a playable adventure of Roargan.
Average Orbital Distance:

0.93 AU
Orbital Period:

326.3 Roargan Days
Orbital Speed:

Natural Satellites:

1 (Clyer)
Equatorial Circumference:

35,812.21 km
Equatorial Surface Gravity:

0.894 g
Escape Velocity:

10.027 km/s
Rotational Period:

21 Hours
Axial Tilt:


Minimum Surface Temperature:

Mean Surface Temperature:

Maximum Surface Temperature:

Seasonal Temperature Variation:

Water Percentage:

Atmospheric Composition:

  • N- 80.3%
  • O- 16.9%
  • Ar- 1.6%
  • CO2- 0.01%
  • ???- 1.19%
Average Crust Composition:

  • O- 37.2%
  • Si- 19.3%
  • Al- 3.7%
  • Fe- 10.1%
  • Mg- 1.2%
  • Ca- 6.9%
  • Na- 4.3%
  • K- 4.2%
  • Ti- 0.7%
  • Ni- 0.3%
  • S- 9.79%
  • Cr- 0.01%
  • Co- 2.3%

Roargan is the 4th planet in the Klydell System. Roargan has a grade-3 Terrascore with currently 30 creatures and a Moon (Clyer) with a T0 atmosphere. Roargan as a planet has existed for currently 3.2 Billion Years while Klydell has existed for 3.3 Billion Years. Roargan has given rise to an unheard of 7 intelligent species, it is unknown if this was natural or if there was some other force at work. The Roaragan Technocracy is currently the most abundant species on Roargan and holds the most percentage of the population. There are 56 cities on Roargan with Roartra being the capitol city.



A Averaged Map of Roargan with ice caps not depicted.

Roargan's crust contains relatively high amounts of sulfur causing the ground to appear yellow, the flora also appears yellow because of the relatively high concentration of sulfur in the plants. there are five continents, two of them at the poles and the other 3 near the equator, the ice caps sit on the two continents at the poles causing a large change in water level between the seasons.


Roargan's Tectonic activity is relatively slow compared to other planets and also has less volcanoes. their are currently 4 distinct Tectonic Periods because of the slow tectonic activity



A Averaged Biome Map of Roargan

The Biome of Roargan consists of Forests, Mountains, Grasslands, Mudflats, Beaches and Arctic areas. Forest areas are Relatively rare and are usually divided into 3 types of forests all consisting of a single colour. Lifeforms in the forests are common. Mountains are common at the equator and the south pole, Shagranas are common in the mountains. Grasslands are found near the equator and are large expanses of a single species of grass which provides food to many species. Mudflats are common on Roargan and are found on the coastline of all continents. Mudflats support large ecosystems revolving around mudbound flora. Beaches are uncommon on Roargan and do not support as large an ecosystem as other Environments. Arctic areas are the least populated environment on Roargan and only contain a few cold-adapted species. There are currently 30 different native species on roargan with ??? species extinct.

Geological PeriodsEdit

Main Article: Roargan Geological Periods

There are 9 geological periods extending from the formation of Roargan to the present day.




Roargan's Moon, Clyer

Terrascore: T0
Colony: Clyen

Roargan's Moon, Clyer is Purple because of the dust that covers the surface. Clyer has a 0-grade Terrascore and doesn't support any life. Clyer is completely barren except for a Roaragan Colony, Clyen.