Robotec is a technology corporation started star date 9.909.3. It was founded by Zaxx Gloopus, a science professor who decided to improve the life style of his race. This was started with Rh-101, a defense and service droid designed by him. It was introduced three star years later at the Galactic Improvement Meeting at the Galactic Senate. It was designed to serve and protect its masters. After every one left the hall for refreshments, the robot gained a computer bug now known as the X-0vbug. It killed its master and was deactivated. Supposedly wiping the bug, they released the robot to the public for an even bigger project, the Robotec D-9 defense system. Once installed the cleverly disguised virus came in the for of a trojan horse file and altered the entire defense systems programing. It went haywire and wiped out the Zaxian race. Now its robots sittle in basic lunar colonies surronding the Zoz system.

List of robots encontered

  • R-o101
    Robot 1


  • R-102
  • R-1-1000
    Robot 3
  • R-2-10000
    Robot 4