Rorm is a Proto-Planetary Disk found near Kellar and Parendoe in The Roargana Cluster. Being one of the few discovered planets within reach of The Roargan Alliance Technology, it is subject to much research and offers a rare glimpse at how planets are formed and how the star reacts when there are none.

For this reason a research station is situated around the outer edge of the disc and keeps track of any activity within the disk. Since the station's creation multiple planets have been observed forming, these have not been named and instead have an index number.


Main Article: Rorm Planetoids

Planet: Satellites: Research Stations:
RPTD-2B5 None Remote Research Station
RPTD-5A6 7 None
RPTD-6F2 None Observation Satellite
RPTD-9T4 2 Observation Satellite