The Scholars are a forgotten people,followers of the predesscer of the Scrolls of Science: The Scrolls of Knowledge. Scholars are staunch researchers, and look at religiously logical answers, rather than scientifically logical answers. Scholars, after beleiving that religious knowledge "was not sufficent", wrote what is now one of the major philosphies: the Scrolls of Science, converting to "Scientism".

Manifest Destiny superpowerEdit

The scholar's superpower is the Manifest Destiny superpower.Manifest Destiny does many things at once: It automatically "fast forwards" a star system's growth, making planets instantly, then accelerates the evolution of life, quickly creates a dominant species, then gifts it with the knowledge of space flight. From that point, anything can happen. If the empire turns out hostile, they'll hate you for "leaving us [them] with no history to bore our children with". Or, if the empire is kind,will automatically ally with you for "manifesting our destiny for us".


The 10 Scrolls of Knowledge:

Volume 1: We have declared faith in our knowledge, and agree that other empires (yes, even a Warlord empire), deserve our gifts.

Volume 2:There are no mysteries: Our holy books reveal all. Beleive in this, and you will be blessed as well.

Volume 3:If anyone should wish to learn of the Scholars ways, teach them: become their mother, let them beyour children.

Volume 4: Those who stray away from this path will be forever doomed to extinction, while we are promise eternity.

Volume 5: Profit is temptation.Exploition is temptation. War is temptation. Do not give into temptation unless you must to teach others.

Volume 6: The Grox are a machine race that have given into the worst temptation: War.

Volume 7: The Grox have set up a blockade around the core. Without easy passage, we cannot become enlightened. We refuse to come to peace with sinners such as them.

Volume 8: The Grox seem to be impenetrable, yet have sinned too much to become eternal. We beleive that their learning of enlightenment has acheived this.

Volume 9: We have come to learn the secret of the Universe (it isn't 42), the reason behind the Groxs' success, The true path of our so beloved "enlightenment". In it, we have discovered that we are sinners, and the Grox are pure. We have agreed to negotiations. For safety, the secret is in the next volume of these scrolls. After that, we will rebuild in the name of the truth.

Volume 10 has yet to be discovered, yet it can be assumed that "the truth" is Science, as this is the Grox's greatest development: their knowledge of science. After Volume 10, as we can assume, the Scrolls of Science began. The Scholars then died out due to the galaxy declaring war for their peace with the Grox. This explains their prophetic phrase: "The Grox are an experiment that has not yet run its full course".