A few empires (such as the Jegolumm Empire) follow the teachings of the Scrolls of Dedication. Also, a common belief of the Jegolumm is the belief that Trade must be supreme in the Galaxy instead of War. Civilizations that follow this Philosophy are called Givers, who believe the galaxy must be in peace with each other at almost all times.

Scroll of Dedication IEdit

"We believe that every sapient being must happy, and it is straightforward that the easiest way would be to trade with them. They have fought wars, and we haven't, wouldn't it be nice to give gifts to everyone?"

Scroll of Dedication IIEdit

"So that is why we work hard to produce many different things for ourselves, others and our prosperity. We make the Galaxy happier this way."

Scroll of Dedication IIIEdit

"Out of this, we have made so many friends, and made much money off it. We think the Galaxy lives better, thinks better, acts better, and feels better when we do this."

Scroll of Dedication IVEdit

"We like to exchange ideas, goods, and money with others a lot. We spend most of our time meeting and trading with other empires, just so we can ally with them and have the peaceful feeling of Harmony with them."

Scroll of Dedication VEdit

"In almost all situations, our actions end up the wonderful situations called Alliances, which create Harmony. If there was no trade or gifts in the universe, there would be no alliances and therefore no Harmony."

Scroll of Dedication VIEdit

"The true meaning of life is Harmony, and we know that it easiest to do that with Trade. Trade also increases the moral of our cities and government."

Scroll of Dedication VIIEdit

"Of course, we all know most empires will reject trading requests at first. An easy way to fix that is to cover them in money! Then you can get your trading started."

Scroll of Dedication VIIIEdit

"At the center of the Galaxy, there are very mean and horrible machines known as the Grox. They block a lot our Trading opportunities, because they hate Harmony! Why? That is unknown."

Scroll of Dedication IXEdit

"The Grox are also impossible to trade with because of the same reason. In fact, you should know that they hate everyone and everything. Life-loving empires have a point there, you know."

Scroll of Dedication XEdit

"The point of life is to live in Harmony with others, to trade, and to give gifts. If it weren't for gifts and trade, the Galaxy would fall apart into a Interstellar war."