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A Slomp nowadays

The Slomp are a mostly peaceful race of Democrats.

Slomp Anatomy & Physiology Edit

Slomp have a very peculiar body, probably described best by referring to the picture. They have natural blades attached to their fists, a rotating buzzsaw attachment to their tail, large eyes, wings on their ankles, and three mouths. The "tentacle mouth" is generally used for drinking and eating small kinds of food (paricularly plant-based), while the larger "horizontal jaws" are used for speaking and eating larger things like meat. Note that the Slomps' three mouths allow them to say three different things simultaneously, though this requires a lot of practice (comparable with what it would take a three-armed species to learn to write simultaneously with all three arms). Also, the tentacle mouth tends to produce higher-pitched sounds and has some trouble with clearly articulating certain consonants.

Science Edit

The Slomp are a very scientifically advanced race. Among other things, they were one of the GU member states involved in pioneerin the technique of the Solar/Planetary Creation Ray by constructing several Solar/Planetary Creation Ray Launching Stations on key planets.

Military and policeEdit

X9-Class Galactic Order Enforcer

An X9-Class Order Enforcement Craft, the Slomps most used police vehicle

The Slomp are very advanced in terms of military technology, although they mainly just design their vehicles and weapons, and pay others to construct them in large numbers. The main military vehicles still used by the Slomp are, among others, the Rampage, the Bullet 3X-A5, and the Stormhawk.

Slomp (v|e)

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Slomp Vehicles (v|e)

Rampage  • Bullet  • Stormhawk  • Tigerterrestrial