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Patch 1.06 is out! You get mech parts from it, but you need Dr Pepper.
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Give some of your ideas for a new roleplaying game at Forum:Fanfic Game Ideas

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We currently have one major community project, The Galactic Senate Special Operations Corp. It revolves around a highly skilled, multi-species team that participates in secret operations to keep the galaxy stable. Further additions can be suggested at Forum:Fanfic Game Ideas.

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Planet of the Week: Ucharpli

Spore 2009-12-12 19-09-02 Ucharpli is the lush homeworld of the Dhragolon featuring a variety of reptilian creatures and an ocean filled with rare gems.

Empire of the Week: Eteno Empire

Eteno Radiation Trooper The Eteno Imperial Triumvirate officially formed itself after Malisk II was united by Jonathan Keplat and the Crown's Army.

Warship of the Week: Olympus Station

[[Image: | 300px]] The Olympus Station is a self-sufficient battle station used by the Eteno for a wide variety of purposes.

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