You need to be over a star, and then you press it. You can do a star in a distance of 3 parcecs!

There`ll always be at least 5 planets in the star system, but you just choose their name.

After you press the button, a star (you choose the color) will appear, and you will then be taken inside the star. You do 5 planet names or more, and then wait 5 minutes. The T-0 made planets will appear instantly, but T-1 will appear after 1.23 minutes, T-2 after 2.30, and T-3 after 5 minutes. While you wait it, you can go out of the system, but you can get the Creator bug if you go at a distance of 13.9 parcecs or more. It is the only ability that can be fully used outside a planet.

It has a 45-minute recharge.

Creators use it generally by rebuilding the cold-blooded Warlords-Destroyed systems.

Trivia Edit

Did you know that the Star Founder power was named after Olaf Stapledon's famous novel Star Maker?