The Stones of War are followed by Warlords.


Stone 1Edit

"Enemies who ask for peace are true cowards who do not know what honor is. Fight until the end and be respected."

Stone 2 Edit

"War acts like the galaxy's water, keeping it alive. It is reminiscent of a masterpiece, the art of the galaxy itself."

Stone 3 Edit

"Death is a punishment for the weak, and the strong who oppose us."

Stone 4 Edit

"Spears and guns, they both have the same purpose. For war, for defeating unhonorable and cowardly empires."

Stone 5 Edit

"Space is the final frontier, for more territory. Have enough land to engage in war. Your colonies will supply you."

Stone 6 Edit

"Destruction and death shall always consume the weak in this galaxy."

Stone 7 Edit

"Only honorable empires can rule the galaxy. Ecologists, Traders, Diplomats, everyone else, shall suffer under the wrath of fate."

Stone 8 Edit

"The feeling of war is the greatest feeling known. You know you are crushing the weak who do not deserve to be here."

Stone 9 Edit

"One may fight gallantly, but if they die, they are truly weak. The Grox are not weak and have set and example we must challenge. Their destiny is to be defeated."

Stone 10 Edit

"You can conquer your enemies by cheating, but where is the honor in that? Follow these guidelines and bring the others to their destiny."