The Alren Cluster


The Proetar


The Ixlax


The Alren Cluster is a small group of stars a moderate distance from The Roargana Cluster. The Alren Cluster is home to The Proetarien Empire and The Ixlarien Collective. The Proetarien Empire used a Hyper Coil to jump from the Alren Cluster to the Roargana Cluster as an attempt to escape the war with the Ixlarien Collective and invade the Roargana Cluster.

Stellar MassesEdit

Name: Type: Planets: Inhabitants: Co-ordinates:
Ixluria Red Dwarf 7 The Ixlarien Collective ???.??*, ????.??
Proverix Yellow Dwarf 2 The Proetarien Empire ???.??*, ????.??
Alvoro Red Dwarf 3 The Ixlarien Collective ???.??*, ????.??
Puria Blue Giant 4 The Proetarien Empire ???.??*, ????.??
Veluria Yellow Dwarf 3 The Velurian Democracy-None ???.??*, ????.??
Relevo Red Dwarf 3 The Proetarien Empire ???.??*, ????.??
Ixneir Red Dwarf 1 The Ixlarien Collective ???.??*, ????.??
Pero Red Dwarf 6 The Proetarien Empire ???.??*, ????.??
Pinta Red Dwarf 5 The Proetarien Empire ???.??*, ????.??

Sapient RacesEdit

Sapient species native to the Alren Cluster: