These books contain law for Mad Scientist empires volume 1:"To make life is simple.Take dna.Body parts and a ton of electrical power and presto"

volume 2:"This is a forbiden text many disaprove of it's reliability.Still The Books of Dark Matter are reliable even to the grox."

volume 3:"cybernetic parts enhance your abilities to the etreme.Super streghnth speed and an intelect greater than any super computer known to mad scientists.How ever it comes with a great and terrible price.Imortality and an inability to poses a personality as well as a toxic quality making you unable to live on terformed worlds.However biologicaly enhanced limbs are positive inprovements with little consequence."

volume 4:"If you create life,you are the master of life"

volume5""It's ok to be insane"

note:Rumor has it thatRobotec(Corporation) uses them profusely.