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The Galactic War was a war that was spawned by the eventuall corruption of the Galactic Senate. After the murder of Senator Etch, half of the Senate broke off and formed the Karnasaur Alliance. In the end, the Karnasaur Alliance restored the Senate, and High Senator Oyn's corruption of the senate -like him -was stopped.

Enlisted Empires of the Karnasaur AllianceEdit

  • Feel free to add your own empire to the list, as long as it fits the format:
  • Empire Name/Empire Philosiphy/Empire Status or Title in the Alliance
  • The Karnasaur Empire/Scientists/Leaders
  • The Orom Empire/Ecologists/Naval suppliers, Terrascore restorers
  • The Rithyar Empire/Warriors/Military tacticians
  • The Quetchel Empire/Scholars/Diplomats, Tacticians
  • The Kinkkim Empire/Diplomats/Diplomats
  • The Ocharo Empire/Scientists/Researchers and Tacticians
  • The Micht Empire/Zealots/Fanactical Diplomats, Converters (Make Senate empires change sides)
  • The Omwar Empire/Bards/Class A Diplomats, Tacticians
  • The Grox Empire/Grox/Military tacticians, Naval suppliers, Researchers
  • The Teryugib Empire/Traders/Financial supplier, Spice supplier
  • The V-raptor Empire/Traders/Military supplier, Special Operations
  • The Farfelle Empire/Warriors/Military supplier, Military tactician
  • The Voqu Empire/Traders/Financier tactician, Spice supplier
  • The Arrella Empire/Ecologists/Terrascore restorers, Traveling suppliers
  • The New Hunre Republic/Traders/Trade Route Managers
  • The Chopper Empire/Warriors/Mercanaries