The United Tribune was a union of the Ritterbeak Republic, Hazel Empire, Kellopet Imperial Union, Dubel Ecological Theocracy, Killzoqe Empire, Aepox Remnants, Omote Traders Union, and Omote Federation. It was formed in the wake of a massive colonization effort and wiping out of fellow powers by the Saegon Empire.

Outside of their relative territory, they were mainly known for causing the Tribune Wars.

Formation Edit

In SSA 149 the Ajhojalpol Republic was invaded and conquered by the Saegon Empire who was enacting a goal of controlling more territory in their southern borders. The Saegon threatened all powers in the region, including those allied to them. Furthermore, a large influx of Aepox refugees from the former Aepox Science Cooperative was forced upon the Hazel Empire after the Saegon destroyed their main compound on their homeworld. The local factions agreed to work together in a formal alliance. Their belief was that by pooling all resources into a single effort, their common enemy could be halted.

Goal Edit

The United Tribune was created not to destroy an enemy, nor secure resources, but as a whole stop the Saegon Empire from expanding into their turf. This alone created far more objectives than anticipated: 

  • Removal of the Saegon from nearby worlds and eventual blockade against the Saegon Empire. 
  • Permanent defensive borders. 
  • Unified military forces across several powers. 
  • At the very least, protection of member homeworlds. 

As their war expanded to other fronts, other goals arose, even if they had little to do with their main ones:

  • Assassination of High Senator Tryhek and/or Federn
  • Destruction of the Seventh Fleet
  • Annexation of close worlds already under Saegon control.