Warp drives are devices used for to cover immense distances across the galaxy in short periods of time. Many variations of such drive exist though the two most common ones are the Hunre Drive and the Omni Drive.

Hunre DriveEdit

The Hunre drive creates wormholes in space, so that ships can jump through them and be able to travel very fast from place to place. It was invented by the Hunre Empire and is being currently used in Galactic Empires. Many races near Hunre territory commonly use it.

Omni DriveEdit

Long before most empires left their solar system, a slightly different warp drive was found. It works by contracting space in front of the ship and expanding space behind it. Thus, it propels the ship vast distances across the galaxy in a matter of days. Many races have found a crashed ship with warp drive in their solar system, thus allowing them to leave and explore nearby star systems. The crashed ship was a time capsule placed by the Omni, in hopes to uplift other races to avenge their extinction. Often times, ships equipped with warp drive also have a standard Electron Lightspeed Drive (can be called Lightspeed Electron Drive or Interplanetary Drive as well). Using warp drive is too dangerous for use inside a system as the ship could accidentally appear inside a celestial body which would effectively destroy the ship.

Super Omni DriveEdit

The most advanced warp drive ever created is known as the Super Omni Drive which instantly transports a ship to any location in the universe though no known empire uses it. The only known prototype exists in the Yanyarigan system and is guarded by the Dhragolon preventing it from falling into the wrong hands.

Electron Lightspeed EngineEdit

The earliest known lightspeed engine was created by the Dhragolon Federal Monarchy approximately 7,000 years before the present day. However, soon after, other empires were able to make similar engines on their own. Elements with a high number of valence electrons such as many halogens and noble gases are used as fuel. When the engines activate, nuclear fission breaks down the elements causing an explosion that thrusts the electrons outward. Because electrons travel at almost the speed of light, the ship is propelled to incredibly high speeds. This engine is often used to travel between planets within a system.